Gorgeous, tall lighted glass address signs add beautiful curb appeal to your home, and make your address highly visible from a distance to friends, family, and emergency personnel. 

Made of thick, tempered glass that can withstand the summers of Arizona or the winters of Minnesota.

"The Farrington"

  • Custom made, lighted glass address sign is 38" tall by 18" wide and 3/8" thick. Tempered glass is resistant to chipping, pitting and breaking.

    Signs can be lit with a high-quality solar-powered spotlight installed a few inches in front of the sign facing upwards.

    Sign may also be lit with ultra-bright white LEDs or colored LEDs concealed in metal or wooden trim on all 3 sides. Colored LEDs require optional remote control or smartphone controller in order to change colors or mode (smartphone controller app can match the color of the sign to a photo you take by tapping anywhere on the photo. You can match the color of the sign to the color of your house if you'd like. Or make it fade between green and red during the holidays. Or red, white, and blue for Independence Day.)

    Optional credit card sized RF remote, or wii smartphone controller (iOS/Android) can also be added