Craig David Jacobson is a designer and artist who currently lives with his dog, Mowgli, in downtown Minneapolis.  He makes a living sandblasting glass into art.  He makes everything from glass address signs to nightlights to fishbowls.  He can take your special photograph and turn it into line art and permanently sandblast the art onto glass.  


The pieces he makes are unique and beautiful.  He uses all repurposed and recycled glass, and puts great care into every detail of each piece.  


If you want the most touching gift you can give someone, you've come to the right place.  He'll work with you every step of the way to make a gift so special, it'll never be forgotten. Craig knows how to touch people's hearts.  He will touch yours, and will help you spread the love. Love is his muse, and what he feels life is all about. 



"Live your Dream, Dream of Love.  Love to Dream, Love to Love." -Craig David Jacobson